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This is a packed 1-hour session to support you to:

  1. Uncover your biggest desires for your business
  2. Identify the top priority focus areas to connect you with your biggest desires
  3. Decide if we're a match for further coaching and what option is best for your goals

I've helped hundreds of fempreneurs to identify their unique steps to make more money, a more meaningful impact, and have more freedom and fulfillment (the "sweet spot" in their business).

Book your consultation for just a $250 investment.

Let's save you time, energy, and frustration and get the next stage of your path CLEAR.

I care about you and the people you impact, and I can't wait to talk with you!

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"Sara's Coaching Consultation…wow!"

What I discovered about myself and my business was clarity and goals for the next year. The questions she asked forced me to verbalize what was stuck inside my head. By verbalizing my goals, writing them down, and having her repeat them back to me, it clarified to me that I was heading in the right direction with my coaching business. She motivated me and challenged just enough that I felt a great deal of excitement after the call. It feels good to be truly heard. Sara is insightful, authentic and experienced. I can't wait to work more with her.

– Karen Trapane, 

Trapane Group, LLC

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