90-Minute Intensive

90-Minute Intensive

What’s Included:

Do you ever just need a boost in one area of your business? Or maybe you’re stuck on how to implement a strategy and could use an objective, experienced guide?

This highly focused 90-minute coaching session is an opportunity to fine-tune something together whether it’s your marketing strategies, your offers, your pricing, or mapping out your ideal weekly schedule to feel in charge of your time and clear about your priorities. We will customize this session just for YOU and your business.

The last few years have been challenging for so many, and that can make decision-making or even taking much-needed leaps in your business feel really overwhelming. This session is a perfect first step to get support with something that will move things forward in your business. Sometimes that first step is all it takes to get momentum going or create a breakthrough to better results and experiences.  

Advantages of if this one-time session are:

  1. It does not require additional commitment beyond the one session
  2. Together, we agree on the focus of the session BEFORE we meet so the session is super productive
  3. A coaching consultation is NOT required in order to book this session, unlike with my other private coaching options

Can we really get something significant accomplished in 90 minutes?


Investment $497

– Zhe Scott,

When I was starting out my business, the SEO Queen, in 2017 I had the opportunity to attend Sara’s Fab Fempreneur Fest and then I booked a one-on-one coaching session. During this session she was able to help me create the Business Rockstar Session which we still utilize to help our clients level up their business visibility online, and it has been an important piece of our business model. Sara is an excellent coach if you are a woman in business and you're looking to work out your strategy in a multitude of ways. She is a great resource and I highly recommend her!

– Zhe Scott,
The SEO Queen