November 1, 2020

Featured Fempreneur: Dana Magnus, Mission-Driven Marketing for Entrepreneurs

You may know what your values are, but do they align with your business values? Every entrepreneur has a core reason why they began their business and that reason should shine in their marketing strategy and plan. Dana Magnus of the MKTG Brand (and one of the fabulous speakers at Fab Fempreneur Fest 2021)  helps entrepreneurs with their daily plan and marketing strategy by building a strong, evergreen community of fans, followers, and frequent customers starting with Mission-Driven Marketing. In college, Dana discovered the unethical nature of advertising and marketing and how it has destroyed much of the values of our current society- this is why she is set out to help people reconnect to their true human side. As an Ethical Leader, her goal is to unite the community first and be a like-hearted unifyer of people who are looking to use communication to make an impact. To learn more about Mission-Driven Marketing, connect with her on Facebook at Your Ethical Business group.