August 12, 2020

Featured Fempreneur: How to Conquer Your Business with Erin Marcus

As a Fab Fempreneur, one of our core values is being in charge of your business. Making the right decisions that make the most sense for you. Owner of Conquer Your Business, Erin Marcus chats with Sara Clark-Williams CEO and Founder of Fab Fempreneurs about not only how to take charge of your business but to ultimately conquer and stay in control of your business. Erin grew up in the midwest with the mentality to go to school, work hard, and be the best at that job. With that philosophy, she ran a 6 figure franchise business for many years until she realized she could apply her knowledge on how to maintain and stay strong in your business with entrepreneurs.  Erin helps entrepreneurs get out of reaction mode so they can be in charge and obtain  the results that they are looking for by asking “what do I want and how am I going to build it?” To connect with Erin further, please visit her website