July 2, 2019

[Strategy Spotlight] How to Lower Your Student Loan Debt and Increase Your Cash Flow with Larry Morrison

Student loan debt is a topic of conversation that can be the elephant in the room. Student loans don’t need to be an awkward situation and as an entrepreneur, it is important to get a handle on your loans so you have more time and money for yourself and business. Larry Morrison of College Loan Freedom helps entrepreneurs manage their student loan debt and teaches them how to save the most money possible. College Loan Freedom is a group of experienced student loan experts that assist entrepreneurs to remove the fear, confusion and complexity when navigating loan repayment. In this episode, Larry explains how entrepreneurs can lower and even eliminate their student loan monthly payment and put that money and energy back into their business!

In this Episode we Cover:

Tip 1: Find Out Who is Carrying Your Loans and What You Qualify For

Tip 2: Set Up an Income Driven Payment
Use Income Driven Repayment and Forgiveness to lower monthly payments to nothing, therefore will free up money in your expenses for your business.

Tip 3: Use a Profit and Loss Statement Instead of Taxes to Lower your Monthly Payment.