October 6, 2020

Featured Fempreneur: How to Host a Profitable Live Event As a First Time Organizer with Makeda Mutema-Newton

Planning an event or workshop, whether a couple of hours or multi-day, can be one of the most beneficial (but stressful!) things you can do in your business. Your event can help educate people in your network or community, build better relationships and make you some money! Sara had a fabulous chat with Makeda Mutema-Newton Event Strategist of Events Unlocked, who helps creative entrepreneurs plan a profitable live event with attendee experience at its core. Her company came out of a necessity to create an online events directory for event organizers to post and not just any events- events and retreats for entrepreneurs. She later pivoted in 2020 to become an event strategist and wrote an entire workbook with A-Z tips and worksheets on how to plan a profitable event! Her top 2 tips are 1) to stick with your business idea and 2) to know how to pivot your business. “The one thing COVID has taught me is there's more than one way to do it,” Makeda says.

Connect with her more at https://www.eventsunlocked.co/