July 16, 2019

[Strategy Spotlight] How to Have a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile with Mary Fain Brandt

LinkedIn seems to be that one social media platform where most entrepreneurs have a profile, but don’t know how to use it properly and for their advantage. In this episode, Mary Fain Brandt of the LinkedIn Bakery, breaks down all of the confusion and barriers that entrepreneurs may have when using LinkedIn. She shares how to have a rock star profile on LinkedIn that attracts your best clients.

Tip 1: There’s a difference between being "on" LinkedIn and being "active" on LinkedIn
-If you aren't active you won't get any results. You have to keep your information up to date and interact with your connections.

Tip 2: If you have a business you need a Business LinkedIn Page
- Have a business page and your logo will populate on your page. Also having a business page adds a level of credibility.

Tip 3: 3 things you need to have a RockStar Profile
-Have a Custom URL
-Updated headshot and banner image
-Have a Hot Headline: who do you serve, how do you serve them and what is the value in what you do.

Tip 4: What not to do on LinkedIn (aka- being a salesy troll)
-Don’t send spam messages. Check out their page to see if they are actually a good connection

Tip 5: Ads- do they work? Should you use that $50 credit that Linkedin sends you?
-No, not worth it. Save your time, money and frustration.