May 5, 2020

[Strategy Spotlight] Amplify Your Powerful Feminine Voice to Attract Your Next-Level Clients and Achieve Business Success

Rebecca Massoud knows how to speak, shine, and sell very well! Not only is she the founder of Speak, Shine, Sell, she is a wife, a mother and a yogi. Rebecca shares on the Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show how to amplify your powerful feminine voice to attract your next-level clients and to achieve business success. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? She created her business out of a secret desire to get out of the corporate world and jump (with a leap of faith!) into the entrepreneurial world. It takes courage to move forward with your passion and one of the best ways to get out there is to look for speaking opportunities (ie: workshops, conferences, etc.).

Rebecca Massoud inspires thousands to share their brilliance on stage as a speaker coach, marketing mentor and creator of Speak Shine Sell. Her signature Speak, Shine, Sell 1-day workshop has been delivered more than 20 times. Women entrepreneurs hire Rebecca to help them double and triple their incomes with a high-converting signature talk that connects from the heart.


Speak for free & speak often. Use every opportunity to practice your speaking. In this day in age, if you are a business owner, you have to be a speaker on some level. We are the face of our businesses. Live speaking and online speaking are great to get yourself out there. Knowing your signature talk is the first step. Once you have a talk you can use it in so many ways whether in-person or on a podcast. First you need to create a structure to your talk. It should be scalable from a 10 minute podcast to a full day workshop.

Have a signature talk that you can use over & over again and one that includes the 5 key ingredients as described below.
Opening: Have a strong opening. When you tell your story, you want to position yourself with credibility and vulnerability.
Share your story: Share your success story with your audience, including the success you have created and your expertise. Don’t downplay your expertise. All of your experiences are important to share and will show how far you have come and what led you to what you do.
Content: This is your body of work. Create your talk by using the steps of what you’ve done.
Your Offer: Your offer is your call to action. Don’t over-deliver your content. Focus more on what is valuable by telling stories about your clients. Facts tell, the stories sell.
Your Close: Wrap up your talk by summarizing the above and end on an energetic high note.
3. Share your story (or hero's journey) to create an emotional bond with your audience.
4. Your energy & presence are actually MORE IMPORTANT than the words you say.
5. Always include a call-to-action each time you speak; serve your audience by letting them know how they can take it further with you.
Don’t rush on your offer and don’t let the fear creep in. Make sure you are prepared with your offer and to be able to offer that kind of offer at the place you are speaking at. Be prepared for questions and don’t down play it. You want your audience to ask themselves, “is this a natural next step for what I just shared?” Make sure your offer correlates with what you talked about. What are your intentions with this group? Make sure all of the elements of your talk work with what you are offering.

Rebecca Massoud, speaker coach and creator of Speak Shine Sell, will share at Fab Fempreneur Fest 2020 on how you can prosper from your powerful feminine voice in ways that are fun, easeful and profitable and also create soul-aligned connection with your audience. To connect with her further, please visit her website, To register for Fab Fempreneur Fest and more info, please visit our website,